Kale Fans

Introducing modern day Warehouse Ceiling Fans, that are built with advance technologies and principle of aerodynamics. The KALE Fans are developed to drive a mass of air and make the natural wind system with large-areas, which leads to the double function of ventilation and temperature reduction. A maximum diameter of 7.3 m, it’s not only big on size but also big on savings with efficient energy saving system.

Salient Features

Technical Specs
12 feet dia will cover 32mm X 32mm 930 watts 1.1 kw motor
16 feet dia will cover 36mm X 36mm 930 watts 1.1 kw motor
20 feet dia will cover 40mm X 40mm 1254 watts 1.5 kw motor
24 feet dia will cover 45mm X 45mm 1368 watts 1.5 kw motor

This product provides solutions in application including Logistics warehousing, storehouse of distribution center, cold storage, shopping malls, atrium, machine tool plant, retail store, dairy farms, aerospace manufacture and maintenance, assembly plant or any other facility with high ceilings including the factories of any type.